Altoona Pennsylvania Roof Coating

In Altoona Pennsylvania, roof coating is ideal for the climate. It’s the first choice for commercial and industrial properties that are a decade or more old. You keep the roof you have; we fix and refurbish it and then coat it with an acrylic polymer engineered to give your roof up to two decades more of extended life.

Altoona Pennsylvania roof coating is our specialty
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Why roof coating is ideal for the central Pennsylvania climate
You may have chosen metal roofing originally because steel and galvanized aluminum wear so well around here. You may have “inherited” the roof. Regardless, it’s a good roofing material. Coatings make it even better. For the climate here in Altoona Pennsylvania, roof coating provides year-round protection. The membrane that is bonded to the metal can’t leak in our rains; is not prone to snow melt; cannot be dented by hail; prevents wind from getting up and under the panels, loosening or tearing them off. In summer, your metal roof is significantly cooler.
  • A white roof is called “reflective” and also a “cool roof”. This means that 80-90% of the heat of the sun is reflected away from the roof. Around Altoona Pennsylvania, roof coating in a reflective color has cut interior cooling costs by as much as 50%. This energy efficiency gives you a real bottom-line expense reduction. Some owners have told us the energy savings “paid them back” for the cost of the roof.

The coating is engineered to adhere permanently to your existing roof
The acrylic is sprayed onto the metal, and dries to a seamless membrane. But chemistry alone is not why the bond between metal and coating is so secure. We thoroughly clean and repair the surface.
  1. Power washing eliminates dirt and industrial sediment
  2. Rust is removed
  3. The metal is coated with a rust proofing compound
  4. Every seam is sealed with a base coat and a layer of fabric for extra strength
  5. Every screw is tightened.

In other words, the problems you had with the bare metal are fixed first. Then the top coat goes on. Another bonus: in a thunderstorm in Altoona Pennsylvania roof coating resists being breached by debris. But if a large branch were to fall on it, that spot can be re-sealed and your roof remains seamless.

With our expertise and efficiency, in Altoona Pennsylvania roof coating is affordable.
You are not paying for labor and disposal of your old roof. This is a savings of approximately one dollar per square foot of roof. That upfront savings alone can be factored in to the cost.
You are not paying to have leaks and weaknesses repaired. In fact, you are eliminating future maintenance costs.
You are not paying for a large crew earning an hourly labor wage. Two, and sometimes one of our team members are getting the job done. You may not be aware they are there.
You are not paying for an entirely new roof. In Altoona Pennsylvania roof coating costs at least half the cost of a new metal roof.
You are not paying to replace your HVAC system as soon, because it does not have to work as hard under a reflective roof coating system.
  • We use the superior products of Conklin Roof Coating Systems. This manufacturer stands by its product with impressive warranties. They pioneered the industry, and are considered the gold standard.

In Altoona Pennsylvania, roof coating has solved many roofing problems
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