Cool Roof Systems

Cool roof systems can lower the temperature on your roof surface by as much as 100°. This significantly decreases the amount of heat that transfers into your building, which cuts the amount of money you spend on air conditioning. Americans spend about $40 billion annually to air condition buildings. You will make a serious dent in your costs.

Cool roof systems are proven to save utility costs
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White roofs reflect the sun's rays
The roofing is called “reflective”, which simply means it bounces the sun’s heat away. Just as a white car is cooler inside than a dark one, a building with a white roof isn’t absorbing heat. A dark roof actually attracts heat. You have a choice of several cool roof systems which are sprayed, or unrolled in sheets:

  1. Spray polyurethane foam roof systems
  2. Single-ply membranes
  3. Roof coatings designed to adhere to specific types of roofing

Many of our roof products qualify for the ENERGY STAR label based on their reflectivity. This government energy efficiency rating takes into account the performance of the roof. It’s not enough that it is reflective. It must also be quality.

  • When we install your cool roof systems, we exclusively use Conklin Roof Coating Systems. This manufacturer pioneered the industry, and continues to lead the way in innovations. We have been designated a master contractor, which we earned because we provide superior installation. More and more building owners recognize the tremendous advantages white, acrylic roof coatings have over traditional darker roofs. They can literally pay for themselves in just a few years through energy savings.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing systems are a “green” energy-saving option. These white reflective coatings are quickly and easily applied to your building, meaning there is no inconvenience or disruption to your work. They fully adhere to most existing roof types, eliminating the need for labor-intensive tear-off and disposal. These cool roof systems are extremely durable and problem-free.

Our Metal Roof (MR) restoration system is a lightweight, energy efficient solution. Because there are millions of square feet of leaky, rusting metal roofs in need serious repair, we coat rather than remove panels. The road to greater energy savings involves four simple steps: treating existing rust; applying a rust-inhibiting primer; treating fasteners and seams where leaks most often occur; and sealing roofs in white, ENERGY STAR-rated cool roof systems. You get decades of protection and utility savings.

Black EPDM rubber roofs get a lightweight coating specifically designed to be applied on top of old, black rubber.
Aging black EPDM roofs leak due to UV damage and wear. Building owners see impressive energy savings, because of the switch from heat attracting black to heat reflecting cool roof systems.

Heavy, black BUR and Modified Bitumen roofs decline sharply with age and the effects of thermal expansion (they expand in heat and contract at night, which causes cracks and leaks and weakens the material). By applying lightweight, white, reflective coatings directly on top of these existing substrates, building owners not only see substantial money savings, but also labor savings because there is no tear off of their existing roof.

  • All white, reflective cool roofing is green -- environmentally sound – for an additional important reason. Because application requires little or no removal of an existing roof, that torn off material does not end up in a landfill.

It costs nothing to price cool roof systems for your commercial or industrial building
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We install cool roof systems in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as well as New Castle, Butler, Mars, Grove City, Hermitage and Cranberry.

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