Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Elastomeric roof coatings get their name from the fact that they are elastic. This creates a roof that is virtually weather-proof. In the heat of a summer day, the coating stretches. At night when it cools down, it goes back to its original shape. In other roofing materials, this perfectly natural expansion and contraction causes cracks and buckling. This is why so many roofs leak. That doesn’t happen with these innovative surfaces.

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The coatings are applied as a liquid acrylic, and then dry to a seamless, bright, energy efficient outside layer that prolongs the life of your roof. They are ideal for commercial buildings as well as industrial and agricultural structures. When you receive your free estimate, you will be surprised at how economical elastomeric roof coatings are for flat or low slope roofs made of BUR; modified bitumen; metal; cement; or EPDM.

The more you know, the more you’ll want your roof coated
Elastomeric roof coatings can make your current roof last for 20 years or more. Roof coatings cost half as much – 50% less than replacing a roof. And they eliminate the expense of an inevitable cycle of leaks and leak repairs as roofing ages.

Elastomers adhere so well they stay put in strong winds. They are engineered to resist picking up dust and industrial particulate. Because they are reflective, coatings eliminate the natural deterioration from the sun.

That “reflectivity” is most important to many of our customers. Their roof becomes energy efficient.
Reflectivity gets its name from the fact that it “reflects” away 85% or 90% of the energy of the sun. Simply put that heat that is not passing through to the interior of your building. Your air conditioning costs drop significantly. In one study, 20 cents of every dollar spent on air conditioning was saved with white or light colored elastomeric roof coatings. Anyone is business knows that kind of savings drops to the bottom line, or becomes available for other projects.

Roofs coated with elastomers have been designated ENERGY STAR and LEED Green Building certified. A traditional dark roof holds heat, making air conditioners work harder and wear out faster. With a lighter roof, your HVAC system will last longer, because the demand for cooling has been significantly reduced.

You also get additional, immediate savings

  • You don’t have to pay for “tear off” of your existing roof. Elastomeric roof coatings are sprayed on top of your existing roof, which has been carefully prepared. A large part of the cost of roof replacement is tear-off.
  • In addition, an acrylic roof does not count as an additional layer in building codes. So there’s no need to remove any of the existing roof to get the project up to code.
  • The roof coating does not add “dead weight” to your building; there’s no negative affect on the structural integrity of the structure.

Our elastomeric roof coatings are the products of Conklin Roof Coating Systems – the originator and constant innovator of modern roof coatings. They were the first and are still the best. Our firm has been designated a master contractor, which entitles you to the longest warranties available from the manufacturer.

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