Erie Pennsylvania Roof Coating

In Erie Pennsylvania, roof coating puts an end to the frustration of commercial building owners with steel or aluminum roofing. You may have found yourself in a never-ending race against rust and leaks associated with a metal roof. All it takes for a permanent solution is an innovative coating system.

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Forget replacing metal panels. Forget about pulling them all off and starting over. The solution is to seal them up without taking them off. We are confident in the value of coatings because their weather-resistant and energy saving features have been consistently proven in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Three major benefits of a roof coating system
  1. It is exceptionally durable in spite of our unforgiving climate on the shores of Lake Erie. It is impervious to ultraviolet rays and ozone, which normally degrade roofing materials and reduce their effectiveness over time. The layer is both a weather and heat shield.
  2. The finished product is a so-called “cool roof”. In Erie Pennsylvania, roof coating results in outstanding energy efficiency on the interior of your building. As you reduce the need for cooling, your HVAC lasts longer, because it doesn’t have to work as hard.
  3. You get high fire resistance. It is very difficult for a fire to spread or even begin with the Class A rated membrane.

We believe that the vast majority of problem roofs can be “saved”. This is why in Erie Pennsylvania roof coating is so much more affordable than roof replacement and the expense of constant leak repair. Eliminating tear off of your old roof saves you an upfront cost of up to a dollar per square foot, and speeds up the whole process of restoring your roof. Application is far less disruptive – a field technician or two prepping and then spraying flat roof coatings are quiet and often unseen.

Ideal for Erie Pennsylvania, roof coating is an acrylic polymer, which is sprayed on as a liquid, following thorough preparation of the surface. You don’t just get repairs. You get restoration:
  • Rust removal
  • Surface power washing
  • Rust-prevention treatment
  • Sealing and strengthening of every seam
  • Tightening and caulking of every screw
  • Application of a seamless base coating
  • A top coating sprayed on to give a like-new finish

Chances are you have a leak that prompts you to seek metal roof repair. Of course, you don’t know you have one until it has caused some kind of problem. Unfortunately, more than one leak often contributes to ceiling or attic damage. You may have some loose panels following a big storm. You may have extensive rust that is deteriorating the structural integrity of the roof, as well as its appearance. Too often, the advice you’ll get about metal roof repair is that the roof “has to come off” because it is not repairable. Almost every roof is restorable Restoration means getting your roof back into proper condition, then taking steps to prevent it from deteriorating again. Your roof lasts longer because the coating maintains integrity for so long.

In Erie Pennsylvania, our roof coating is manufactured by Conklin Roof Coating Systems. We have determined that these are the best quality acrylic systems available. They pioneered the industry. They know what they’re doing. They stand by their work with a 12 year warranty. We stand by our years of experience with coating system.

Around Erie Pennsylvania, roof coating provides affordable, long term solutions to roofing problems
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