Evansville Indiana Roof Coating

In Evansville Indiana, roof coating has saved many roofs and saved many owners thousands of dollars. It costs significantly more to completely take off your old roof and replace it than it does to select affordable, efficient roof coating. Metal is a great roofing material and our process makes it better. The life of your existing roof is prolonged by a decade or more. Any leaks and rust are fixed and treated. The process transforms your old energy wasting roof into an energy saver.

Around Evansville Indiana, roof coating has consistently solved roof problems.
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Roofing on commercial buildings, industrial construction and farm structures get extended life. We use Conklin Roof Coating System products exclusively. They are the pioneer in the industry and are still considered the gold standard. Their materials have been proven to perform exceptionally well in our area.

With the weather in Evansville Indiana, roof coating is ideal. The acrylic polymer coating is sprayed on, adhering so completely that the roof is impermeable to rain, snow or ice; offers premium wind resistance; and is impervious to UV ray deterioration.

  • We recommend a white coating, because it is so energy efficient. Building owners often see so much in utility savings that the roof “pays them back”. Some have recouped the entire cost as the energy cost savings added up. So-called “cool roofs” have become in demand, due to the remarkable energy efficiency. Here in Evansville Indiana roof coating is available in darker coatings, and sometimes that is aesthetically necessary. But when you go with a white roof you can’t go wrong. In a recent test, half of a building was covered with white material while the other half was a dark color. Infrared cameras trained at the roof showed the dark side glowing “red” from the absorption of heat. The white side was light blue.

There will be no disruption to your customers, your work or your employees, because there is no “tear off” of your existing roof. It surprises some building owners to see a single worker quietly spraying on the roof. It is vastly more efficient than the banging and tearing of replacement roofing.

  • For Evansville Indiana roof coating to permanently bond with the steel or aluminum, anything that’s wrong with your roof must be fixed first. Rust and grime are power washed off using either a rust remover or a specially formulated industrial strength detergent. Then the metal is treated with an outstanding products formulated to stop oxidation from developing again. Metal screws are tightened and caulked as a further precaution against leaks. You may have heard this called “metal restoration”. This is precisely what our crews do to your metal roof. We restore the metal so that it will give years of flawless service.

The seams of metal roofs are leaks waiting to happen in Evansville Indiana; roof coating is not applied until critical steps are completed. We spray a base coat on every inch of seam. Next a fabric sealer is applied. Fabric and the base coat are engineered to bond. Then, another base coat goes on the whole roof and dries along with the fabric sealer, bonding totally as they dry. Finally, the top coat is uniformly sprayed over the total surface The result is a seamless, very attractive outside layer that makes your metal roof look brand new. The materials carry a warranty of up to 12 years. In addition, the products we use carry a Class “A” fire-resistance rating.

In Evansville Indiana, roof coating is affordable, efficient and effective.
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