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Around Indiana Pennsylvania, roof coating has solved a lot of roof problems, and made them problem-free for years. Here’s how it works: a new acrylic coating is sprayed on, but only after the existing metal and sub-roof are refurbished. There is no point in applying a coating to a roof in need of reconditioning. Extensive preparation ensures the longevity of your roof.

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Roof coating systems take your existing roof to a new level of leak and rust prevention. Your state-of-the-art coated roof also becomes an energy-efficient cost cutter. Metal is often used on commercial buildings because it is practical and durable. For a commercial or industrial building owner in Indiana Pennsylvania, roof coating can end maintenance costs, and push replacement years into the future. The protective membranes are perfect for agricultural buildings, too; as well as institutional structures such as churches, schools and government offices.

Everyone is trying to cut costs these days. Consider the expense of ripping off your old roof. That’s about a buck per square foot you are saving right there. Now factor in the cost of an entirely new roof. It simply does not compare to the affordability in Indiana Pennsylvania of roof coating. There will be no disruption to your customers, clients or employees. Rather than a platoon of workers climbing up and down your building, at times one or two people are quietly going about roof restoration.

Your roof undergoes extensive preparation before roof coating are applied:
  1. We power wash using a rust remover and commercial strength cleaners. Clean surfaces bond perfectly as the acrylic spray dries.
  2. We treat the clean metal with an exceptional product that stops oxidation – rust won’t develop.
  3. All of the metal screws are tightened and caulked as a further precaution against leaks causing rust. There are hundreds of screws in any one roof. Each one is treated prior to applying roof coating.

The seams of metal roofs often leak in Indiana Pennsylvania rain; roof coating eliminates that risk:
  1. Our crew sprays a base coat on every seam. There are hundreds of yards of seams on a metal roof. They don’t miss an inch.
  2. Next a fabric sealer is applied to the seams. At this point in the process you can clearly see the added strength being built into the coating system.
  3. Another base coat goes on the whole roof before the fabric sealer dries, to increase the bond between sealer and coat.

Finally, the top coat is evenly sprayed over the entire surface. What you will see is a seamless, very attractive color that makes your metal roof look brand new. The materials carry a warranty of up to 12 years. Around Indiana Pennsylvania, roof coating has been known to last far longer than a dozen years.

Roof coating can cut your roof temperature by 30%. The membrane is white, which creates what is called a reflective roof. The sun’s rays are reflected away. This means that heat isn’t passing into your building, which dramatically reduces energy costs for cooling.
  • Your utility costs will drop and the roof begins to pay back the cost of the coating.
  • At current utility costs in Indiana Pennsylvania, roof coating will recoup its full cost in seven years or less.
  • Your HVAC system will be working less to cool your interior, which means it will have a longer life.

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