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In Indianapolis Indiana, roof coating is the leading edge solution for leaking, cracked and aging commercial, industrial and agricultural building roofs. Newly-innovated polymers are applied, to not only repair but also to upgrade your existing roof. Your problem roof is given years of problem-free extended life at a fraction of the cost of full roof replacement. You add measurable energy efficiency that saves you cooling costs. Find out why this is the fastest growing segment of the roofing market.

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Because money is tight, this is the solution for building owners who are putting off new construction and need to maintain the facility they have now. Coatings are engineered for most flat and low-slope roofs. They are designed to eliminate chronic leaking, ponding and decay. You can add 12 to 20 years of useful life.

The energy savings are so significant, given energy rates in Indianapolis Indiana, roof coating can pay for itself in as little as seven years.

  • Roof coatings are the industry leader in energy conservation options. All of our roofing systems come in white and light colors that markedly decrease the demand for cooling on the interior of your structure. They reflect back 85% or 90% of the energy of the sun.
  • They reduce air-conditioning costs. Studies prove that you can save 20 to 50 cents of every dollar you are currently spending on your utility bill with a reflective roof. A traditional dark roof holds heat, ensuring it passes through to your interior.
  • Your dark roof is making your air conditioner work harder and it wears out faster. With a lighter roof, your air conditioning system will last longer, because the demand for cooling has been significantly reduced.

It takes a lot more time -- and costs a good deal more – to completely tear off and replace your old roof. On top of those savings, you save the hassle of having a battalion of workers on top of your building (and climbing up and down all day). In Indianapolis Indiana roof coating can be applied with one or two man crews. Your work goes on, your customers are not bothered, and the productivity of your employees is not disrupted.

Our specialty in Indianapolis Indiana is roof coating.
As a commercial roofing contractor, we mean business. Your business depends on the protection of a properly maintained roof. Our business has succeeded with skilled and straightforward customer service. We share your desire for little or no disruption to your customers, employees, clients and visitors. Whether you own an apartment complex, a small strip shopping center, a single building or church, a factory or farm buildings, you can take advantage of our skill applying roof coating systems.

Why do we call it a system? It is because of all of the steps involved in preparing the metal and applying the acrylic polymers. The existing roof must be cleaned, all rust removed and then the metal rust proofed. Every screw is re-tightened or replaced. Each inch of seam gets special attention to eliminate the threat of leaks, including a fabric seal for greater strength. A full base coat precedes the top coat. The layers of protection make up our roofing system.

We exclusively use the industry standard Conklin Roof Coating Systems. This manufacturer stands behind its materials, and you may qualify for a 12 year warranty. Around Indianapolis Indiana, roof coating has been known to last much longer than the warranty.

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