Kalispell Montana Roof Coating

Kalispell Montana roof coating takes a great roofing material – metal –and makes it better. Think of the benefit of extending the life of your existing roof by a decade or longer. You can be confident all leaks and rust were fixed and treated so they can’t happen again. It is not unusual to have energy savings of 20-50% with your new coated roof.

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Top three reasons you will get immediate money savings
  1. The cost of restoring your metal roof with a coating system is significantly more affordable than the price you would pay to have your roof completely removed and a total replacement constructed.
  2. Your work and sales continue with disruption. Because your existing roof is restored, not removed, the noise factor is minimal and you don’t need to “close up shop”. Think about it: how loud is a sprayer? Plus, it’s a much smaller crew. There will not be a fleet of trucks and workers getting in the way of customer or employee parking.
  3. Some commercial building owners are able to negotiate-down insurance costs, because in Kalispell Montana, roof coating carries a Class “A” fire-resistance rating.

Don’t be confused by the number of inferior roof coatings on the market. We use Conklin Roof Coating Systems. They are the premier manufacturer whose materials have been proven to perform exceptionally well in our area. These systems are safe and not toxic.

Top three reasons you will get long term cost savings
  1. At current electric rates in Kalispell Montana, roof coating energy efficiency will “pay you back” for the cost of the roof. Our coatings are white, which reflect away the heat of the sun, just as white clothing is cooler than black in the summer. By bouncing away the heat of the sun, the interior of your building is at least a third cooler. Some owners have cut their utility bills in half!
  2. The process involves what is sometimes called “metal restoration”. Coupled with the acrylic coating, you can anticipate no maintenance costs for the life of the roof. The process also ensures wood framing is free of rot and any problem areas will have been refurbished before the coating goes on.
  3. The systems generally come with a ten to twelve year warranty. Around Kalispell Montana, roof coating has lasted far longer. You won’t be paying for total roof replacement for a decade or more.

The roof is prepared to permanently bond with the coating by fixing anything that’s wrong. We use a forceful power wash, a rust remover, and an industrial strength cleaning product. Next, the metal is treated with a rust-proofing product to stop future oxidation. All screws are tightened, replace and caulked to further leak prevention. As you may know from experience, the seams of metal roofs can be leaky. Our process seals fabric between layers of a base coat, and then the top coat is applied. Fabrics makes seams very strong, to resist any strong Montana winds.

In Kalispell Montana roof coating is either sprayed on as liquid acrylic, or it can be unrolled in sheets that are then heat bonded to the surface (this only applies to some roof designs). The look is seamless, and is ideal for commercial flat roofs, low slope roofs, larger industrial buildings, and even schools or churches.

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