Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofing systems give your deteriorated roof years of trouble free service. They make a new metal roof impermeable. How? A coating is applied as liquid acrylic and then dries to a seamless membrane that prolongs the life of your roof. This is the economical roofing solution you’ve been looking for to deal with your leaking metal roof. It’s the cost effective method for making any metal roof – new or old – energy efficient.

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Energy efficiency: a white polymer coating reflects away 85% to 90% of the energy of the sun. This reduces your air conditioning costs by an average of 20 cents on the dollar. In addition, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard. It lasts longer, allowing you to postpone replacement expenses. Our reflective white metal roofing systems have earned the ENERGY STAR and LEED Green Building certification, which qualify these roofs for tax incentives for upgrading the energy efficiency of an existing roof.

  • Infrared pictures taken of a half-coated roof show the untreated side radiating red (heat), while the treated side shimmers a cool blue

Metal roofing systems can cut roof temperature by 30%. This means that heat does not pass into your building, which dramatically reduces the demand for interior cooling. As your utility costs drop, the roof begins paying for itself in savings. You can recoup the full cost in seven years or less.

Your metal roof gets extensive preparation. We use a robust power wash, with either a rust remover or a specially designed dirt and debris cleaner. Next comes a liberal application of rust proofing; we use outstanding products that have been formulated to stop oxidation. The process makes the metal thoroughly ready to bond with the coating. Screws in a metal roof are often the source of leaks. As part of preparation, they are tightened and caulked as a further precaution against leaks and rust. Each and every one of the hundreds of screws is treated prior to applying metal roofing systems.

  • As a roof repair technique, coatings are unparalleled. As a finishing touch to a new metal roof, you are guaranteed years of flawless service. You can qualify for warranties of up to ten to twelve years.

The seams of metal roofs are leaks waiting to happen. So we take three critical steps to seal seams. First, we spray our base coat on every seam. Even if there are hundreds of yards of seams on a metal roof, no length is disregarded. Next a fabric sealer is applied to the seams. Then, another base coat goes on the whole roof before the fabric sealer dries, to fortify the bond. The fabric and the base coat are engineered to bond. Lastly, the top coat is uniformly sprayed over the total surface. You can clearly see the why we call these metal roofing systems; they are so much more than a patch.

  • We exclusively use Conklin products, which are the original and still the best quality metal roofing systems in the country. We have earned the status of master contractor, which the manufacturer awards for demonstrated expert installation of its products. You can trust a roofing contractor that has been business in Pennsylvania for a decade.

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We install metal roofing systems in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as well as New Castle, Butler, Mars, Grove City, Hermitage and Cranberry.

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