Missoula Montana Roof Coating

Missoula Montana roof coating gives you years of added service from the roof you have now. And it adds energy efficiency. Both save you money in the long term. In the short term, it’s affordable and efficient to have our crews install. Coatings will spray on liquid acrylic, which dries to a seamless membrane. What kind of flat or low slope roof do you have? You can add as many as 20 years of useful life to any commercial, industrial, ranch or agricultural structure.

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White roof coatings covering a dark material reflect 4/5ths of the sun's energy away from the top of your building. This means the retail, office or industrial space below stays cooler and requires far less air conditioning. By way of comparison, an untreated metal roof absorbs 80% of the heat of the sun. Think of how hard your air conditioning has to work during summer. Consider how much longer your HVAC system will last in Missoula Montana if roof coating is applied. You turn hot metal into a cool roof.

You keep your existing roof
  • The vast majority of problem roofs can be “saved”, in our experience. This is why the coating option is so much more affordable than roof replacement, and it certainly beats paying for constant leak repair.
  • Eliminating tear off of your old roof saves you an upfront cost of up to a dollar per square foot, and speeds up the whole process of restoring your roof.
  • Application is far less disruptive – a small crew preps and then sprays the roof coating system. Their work is quiet and often unseen by your customers; it does not require you to shut down commerce or manufacturing while the job is being done.

Around Missoula Montana roof coating has proven to be virtually weather-proof. The coating resists natural deterioration from UV rays (because it bounces them away). Hail cannot penetrate the tough outer membrane and roof coatings cannot dent. They are impervious to rain and ice damage. If a falling branch were to breach the coating, it can be spot re-applied and restored to seamless protection.

If you have a flat roof, you know that one of the problems is just that – it’s flat! Rain water tends to form pools. Melting ice and snow puddle up, too. This is an open invitation to leaks and rust. Given the precipitation in Missoula Montana, roof coating is the answer. Once coated, water tends to run off, and the coating can be slightly built up to ensure an end to pooling.

We exclusively apply the products of Conklin Roof Coating Systems. This company pioneered the process and its innovations continue to set the standard for the industry. You have come to the right place for the most up-to-date solution for aging, leaking, rusting roofs. Every roof is different, with ins-and-outs that require custom options for solving problems. Roof coatings are custom installed, to not only repair, but also upgrade your existing roof.

Throughout Missoula Montana roof coating has saved roofs and saved building owners money.
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For your roofing solution, trust a company that has covered millions of square feet of roof in Montana. When you need to repair and extend the life of your existing roof, call us first in Missoula Montana for roof coating. Roof coating systems have solved a lot of problems on metal roofing here.

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