Polyurethane Foam Roofing

Polyurethane foam roofing is applied directly to your existing roof, which has been specially prepared. Because the old roof stays on, you save removal costs. You can get a ten to twelve year warranty, and the polymers are longer-lasting than that. If your goal is to delay roof replacement, you have done it. If you’ve chosen it as an energy-saving upgrade, the roof will be sound for years, so that it will literally “pay you back” in utility savings.

It doesn’t take much convincing about the benefits of polyurethane foam roofing for your building.
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Here’s how you get immediate and then life-long savings:

  • Installation is quicker because there is no tear off, which keeps labor costs down right off the bat.
  • You are also spared the noise and disruption of roof removal.
  • Plus, polyurethane foam roofing requires no metal flashing to be installed in places where the roof meets the building. You save the cost of flashing material.
  • Over the long haul, there is no expenditure for leak repair or maintenance. You save the cost of a total replacement of your roof.
  • This brings us to the significant energy savings.

Polyurethane foam roofing has 85% reflectivity. This means that most of the energy of the sun is reflected away. Your cooling costs are lowered dramatically. So the material can pay for itself in four to seven years of utility savings. Foam forms a seamless, top-grade insulation of your building; the roof keeps out summer heat and negates heat loss in winter. This is year-round energy efficiency.

This is a cost effective solution for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings of almost any size.

We exclusively use Conklin products, which are ENERGY STAR rated, giving you the potential of claiming tax benefits when you retro-fit an existing roof. We have earned the status of master contractor, which the manufacturer awards for demonstrated expert installation of its products.

Your polyurethane foam roofing goes on in only a few basic steps:

  1. Your existing roof is thoroughly cleaned and prepped
  2. An inch to an inch-and-a-half of foam is applied
  3. Next, a base coat of foam goes on
  4. Then a top coat is applied to complete the new surface.
  5. You have a three layered, seamless, attractive barrier to leaks

A standard roof has hundreds of feet of seams and hundreds of fasteners. Both can leak. Polyurethane foam roofing is virtually leak-proof, because there are no fasteners and no breaks in the coating. There is no place for water to get through. Another plus is that the sprayed coating dries to what the scientists call “closed cell form”. This means that if a tree fell in a storm and breached the coating, any leakage would remain localized because the cells are closed rather than interconnected. The intact cells remain impervious to leakage.

There are features any commercial, industrial or agricultural building owner will value:
If hail or a falling branch damages your polyurethane foam roofing, it is easily repaired and restored to its seamless look and leak-resistant form. Foam is lightweight, so it generally does not exceed the load capacity of your structure. In fact, it adds tensile strength to your structure. It’s a great “look” for business. It is even possible to add granules to the top coat, giving your roof a textured look similar to asphalt tile.

Let us show you why polyurethane foam roofing is the superior choice for your commercial or industrial building
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We apply polyurethane foam roofing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as well as New Castle, Butler, Mars, Grove City, Hermitage and Cranberry.

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