Rubber Roof Coating

Rubber roof coating adds extra protection for your building -- fixes and eliminates leaks -- while giving you superb utility cost savings. It dramatically extends the life of your existing EPDM roof. Those extra years make this the most affordable-per-square-foot option available today.

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You like EPDM; you don’t like what happens when it ages:
There are a lot of rubber roofs on commercial and industrial buildings, because it is proven to be a good material. But as the rubber ages, EPDM shrinks and cracks and this lets in water. Also, the rubber is significantly weakened so it can’t stand up to punctures from debris. It will tear and flap in strong wind.

Our rubber roof coating is applied directly to the rubber. The process is so much more than a “patch”. The coating dries to form a seamless barrier to water and wind and bonds to the rubber for years of trouble-free service.

  1. First, we wash the surface with a specific cleaner, to ensure the bond between the rubber and a primer, which is applied next.
  2. This specially developed primer goes on over the clean rubber.
  3. Then a complete base coat is applied.
  4. We lay fabric seams anywhere the EPDM might be leaking or where leaks can form. Fabric and the base coat are engineered to form a strong bond. This step is a major reason the life of your roof is extended with rubber roof coating.
  5. After your roof has been patched and primed, the entire surface gets a top coat.

When a light-colored coat covers dark EPDM, the sun's energy is reflected off of the surface. In summer sun, an average roof can reach 140 degrees. A reflective roof can lower than to 90 degrees. This means there is significantly less demand for cooling on the interior of any commercial or industrial space below.

The energy efficiency is so impressive the cost savings can cover much of the price of the rubber roof coating.

As your roof ages, constant contact with the elements wears it down, so the roof insulates even less well than it did when it was new.

By way of comparison, an EPDM dark roof barely reflects away six percent of solar heating energy. Your air conditioning has to really crank to cool your building. With rubber roof coating, not only will you see greatly reduced utility bills, but also you’ll get longer life from your heating and air conditioning systems.

Your deteriorating rubber roof may have a problem already. It is undoubtedly a problem waiting to happen. That will bring on the consistent cost of patching, which adds up over time. Alternatively, a whole new roof is far more expensive than increasing the life of the current one. Why wait for water damage? You can keep wondering when the inevitable will happen, or ensure it never does. Our customers love the long-term solution to a troublesome EPDM roof.

We exclusively use the quality rubber roof coating of the pioneer in this technique – Conklin Roof Coating Systems. They are so vastly superior they come with an extensive warranty on materials. The manufacturer has certified us as a master contractor.

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