Single Ply System

The single ply system is a simple concept that solves complex roof problems. Flexible sheets of synthetic rubber are unrolled over the entire surface. The single layer (that’s how it gets the name) is sealed to your existing roof. It’s strong, seamless and the product is exceptionally durable.

A single ply system is a fraction of the cost of a replacement roof
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No expensive tear off of your existing roof is needed; in fact your existing roof forms the base of the roofing system, after it has been specially prepared. The rubber sheets are cut and sealed around HVAC and other fixtures. No removal and then reinstallation of is necessary, which saves you labor costs.

A single ply system forms a long-lasting barrier on top of your existing roof. The sheeting actually gets stronger with age. This explains the 10 to 20-year warranties available on the material. You get matchless leak protection and energy efficiency for your commercial or industrial structure or for agricultural buildings.

Leaking seams are a thing of the past. The synthetic rubber sheets are several feet wide. They’re laid side by side, with some overlap, and fastened with metal and screws. Then each seam is cleaned, so no dirt or debris fouls the seal. High heat is applied to the overlap, which makes the rubber-to-rubber bond unbreakable. In addition, we may coat the seams with a liquid version of the synthetic material for additional strength.

Fact: single ply system seams are six times stronger than those on an EPDM roof. They solve the endless cycle of leaks and repairs to your current roof. It is among the most affordable re-roofing options, and is the ideal upgrade for most flat or low-slope roofs. Industrial building owners get double protection, because the membrane resists chemicals and pollutants. Substances in the air outside an industrial building will not damage your new roof. And more importantly, they can not seep into the surface.

How is it fastened to your existing roof? Mechanical fasteners are attached and sealed around the perimeter of the roof. Sometimes, a process is used to create a vacuum that holds the single ply system in place. According to the Single Ply Roofing Industry (SPRI) consumer website, the pre-fabricated sheets on the market today are manufactured to a consistent standard of top quality. We exclusively install the products created by Conklin Roof Coating Systems. This manufacturer is considered the gold standard in the industry. We have earned master contractor status for installation excellence.

The single ply system provides outstanding benefits at an affordable price:

  1. It stands up to unforgiving climates. It is impervious to ultraviolet rays and ozone, meaning they will not degrade the material.
  2. The white surface will reduce the cost of cooling a building’s interior. White reflects the heat of the sun, keeping the surface cooler. This “cool roof” is markedly energy efficient.
  3. If white is not right, the single ply system available in standard and custom colors. Generally they come in black or energy-efficient white.
  4. You get high fire resistance. It is very difficult for a fire to spread or even begin with the Class A rated sheet membranes on your roof.

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