Terra Haute Indiana Roof Coating

In Terre Haute Indiana, roof coating saves the labor for tearing off your old roof, as well as saving you the cost of materials required to replace it. We apply space-age polymers to your existing roof in an efficient process that further cuts labor costs. When your roof is coated with layers of protection, you eradicate leaks and prevent rust. As an important bonus, the process transforms your metal roof from an energy-waster into an energy efficient cost-cutter.

Superior Roofing of Terre Haute Indiana puts roof coating on commercial, industrial, and farm structures
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Coating systems are innovative, affordable and efficient. They are applied to your existing roof. There will be no disruption to your customers, your work or your employees. At times one single person with a sprayer is quietly going about the job, not a truckload of workers climbing up and down your building,

For the climate in Terre Haute Indiana, roof coating provides superb weather resistance. We get it all here, winter and summer. Acrylic polymers are bonded so tightly to the metal that wind is not an issue; ice and snow won’t permeate, and summer sun does not deteriorate the surface.

In fact, the sun is reflected back upward. This property is called “reflective” and can cut roof temperature by 30%. This means that heat isn’t passing into your building. The energy savings are generally at least 20% and some owners have seen their utility bills cut in half. A reflective roof must be white. There are other colors available for Terre Haute Indiana roof coating, but your best choice is white. As your utility costs drop the roof begins paying for itself in energy savings. You can recoup the full cost in seven years or less.

Commercial building owners choose metal roofs because they are practical. Restoration with coating systems extends the practicality. We restore the metal beneath the coating so that it will give years of flawless service as the foundation of the roof. The process also makes it thoroughly ready to bond with roof coating.

How your metal roof is prepared before coating:

Rust and grime elimination: We use a robust power wash, with either a rust remover or a specially designed dirt and debris cleaner.

Treating is the next step: Outstanding products have been formulated to stop oxidation. This is a vital protective step in Terre Haute Indiana roof coating.

Metal screws in your existing roof can be the source of leaks. They are tightened and caulked as a further precaution against leaks and rust

Seams are sealed in a four part process:
  1. We spray our base coat on every seam. Even if there are hundreds of yards of seams on a metal roof, no length is disregarded.
  2. Next a fabric sealer is applied to the seams. At this point in the process you can clearly see the protection that’s being built right into the roof in preparation for roof coating. Fabric and the base coat are engineered to bond.
  3. Then, another base coat goes on the whole roof before the fabric sealer dries, to fortify the bond.
  4. Finally, the top coat is uniformly sprayed over the total surface

Customers tell us their Terre Haute Indiana roof coating adds a professional appearance to their buildings. There are a number of coatings on the market. We use Conklin products, the premier manufacturer whose materials have been proven to perform exceptionally well in our area.

In Terre Haute Indiana, roof coating has solved a lot of problems
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