Youngstown Ohio Roof Coating

Around Youngstown Ohio, roof coating is the perfect way to have leaks and rusting panels repaired. Commercial building owners are ending their maintenance expenses and hassles. A coating system has turned their existing roof into a utility cost saver. If you could get another 20 years out of the roof you have, would you make one phone call?

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In Youngstown Ohio, roof coating results in a roof with a Class “A” fire-resistance rating.

Coatings are ideal for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings
You knock down the chance of leaks and ramp up your energy efficiency. A membrane of acrylic polymer is sprayed on, but only after we ensure that the framing and substrate are repaired and restored. We may have to replace parts of the sub roof if necessary. When the surface has been expertly prepared, the acrylic adheres to the metal permanently.

Protecting your building in Youngstown Ohio with roof coating will save you considerable time and labor expense. We do not have to tear off your old roof. Because there is no need for ripping off the current surface and tossing it off the roof, your customers, employees and business are not disrupted. Often there are a couple crew members on your roof quietly spraying and refurbishing your property.
  • We exclusively use the top quality roofing products of Conklin Roof Coating Systems, which originated the technology and leads the industry in innovations. The manufacturer stands by its products with offers of extensive materials warranties.

Youngstown Ohio and roof coating are made for one another. The weather resistance is ideal. They do not deteriorate from UV damage; are impermeable to rain, snow and ice; plus the bond is sealed so tightly that a northeast Ohio wind storm cannot get up and under the materials. On flat roofs, the old problem of water ponding is solved.

Here is how we prepare your building in Youngstown Ohio for roof coating:
  • To remove dirt and surface rust, the metal is thoroughly power washed, with a rust remover and commercial strength detergent. Then, the clean metal gets an oxidation inhibitor, to rust proof the metal.
  • Since screws and nails are prime sources for leaks, each one is tightened and caulked. There are hundreds of screws in any one roof. Each is treated prior to applying roof coating.
  • Seams in metal roofs can be problem areas for leaks. Seams are completely treated in a four step process: A base coat is applied to every seam. Even if there are hundreds of yards, not a foot is left uncoated.
  • Next fabric is applied to the seams. This gives them a second, strong layer of protection. Then a base coat goes on the entire roof before the fabric sealer dries, to increase the bond.
  • Finally, the top coat is evenly sprayed over the entire surface. It dries to be seamless and makes the roof look brand new.

You get energy savings in Youngstown Ohio from roof coating
The color is white, so this creates a “reflective” roof that deflects up to 80% of the rays of the sun. Coatings dramatically cut roof temperature. This means that heat isn’t transferred into your building, which reduces your utility costs. The roof quite literally pays back your investment in energy cost savings. You can recoup the full cost in seven years or less.

Also, your HVAC system will be working less hard to cool your interior, which means it will last longer, delaying expensive replacement.

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